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Đề thi và Đáp án KTHKI - Tiếng Anh 10 - Năm học 2016-2017
Ngày tạo: 06/01/2017   Lượt xem: 1025

Le Loi High School                                                 TEST FOR THE FIRST SEMESTER - GRADE 10  

                                                   Time allotted: 45’

Full name: ..........................................                     Class: 10 ........                                                       

Candidate’s number:  ..........................                      Code: 113 .......                                                                        


*. Choose the word that has the underlined part is pronounced differently from the others:(0,5)

1. A. honest                  B. request                     C. conquest                  D. chest

2. A. worked                 B. hoped                      C. lived             D. stopped

*. Choose the word that has the main stress placed differently from of the others. (0,5)

1.A. decide                   B. visit             C. relax             D. include

2. A. beauty                  B. present                     C. although                   D. relation

*Read the passage and then say whether the statements are true (T), false (F) :(1m)

Music is part of every culture on Earth. Many people feel that music makes life worth living. We can make music ourselves if we play an instrument or sing. We can hear music on CDs and on radio or television. Music gives us pleasure. It can cheer us up, excite us, or soothe us.


Music can be happy, sad, romantic, sleepy, spine-tingling, healing—all kinds of things. But what is it? Some people define it as an artful arrangement of sounds across time. Our ears interpret these sounds as loud or soft, high or low, rapid and short, or slow and smooth. The sounds need to continue for a time in some sort of pattern to become music.

……F…1/ Music is part of every culture on all the planets.                                   

T……2/ Everyone can make music.    

……F…3/ Most people define music as an artful arrangement of sounds across time.

……T…4/ Music can be all kinds of things.


*. Grammar and Vocabulary:(3ms)


* Choose the word/ phrase (A,B,C or D) that best completes each sentence.

1.  When Jack_____ me, I_______ a letter                        

      A. was phoning/ wrote                                             B. phoned/ has been writing

      C. phoned/ was writing                                            D. has phoned/ was writing

2. Do you like folk music? ________________                            

      A. Yes, I don’t.      B. No, I like it a lot.    C. Yes, I love it.  D. It’s nice.                                   

3. John got lost, __________ he came late .                                              

      A. and                     B. but                          C. so                    D. or

4. Billy, come and give me a hand with cooking.           

      A. help                    B. prepared                   C. be busy             D. attempt

5. Look at those black clouds. It ______________________

      A. will rain               B. to rain                  C. is raining         D. is going to rain

6. Trinh Cong Son was a famous ___________________ in Vietnamese music.

     A. designer              B. writer                        C. composer         D. singer

7. We decided  ____________________ a new car.

A. to buy               B. buying                      C. bought              D. buy

8. I look forward __________________ you at the weekend..

     A. to see                  B. seeing                     C. to seeing          D. to be seen





Thí sinh không làm vào phần gạch chéo






9. Peter: “Thanks a lot for your wonderful gift.” – Mary: “____________”

A. Thank you          B. Have a good day     C. Cheers                     D. You are welcome

10. My responsibility is to wash dishes and _______the garbage.

    A. take off               B. take out                    C. take care of       D. take over

* Give the correct form of the words in brackets

11. I'm not very ________ interested__________ in sport. (interest)

12. What a lovely present! That was very ______thoughtful______ of you. (think)


*Reading the passage, then choose the correct answer:(1m)

     Television is an important (1)...........of the 20th century. It has been so popular that now we can’t imagine what life would be like if there were no television. Television is a major mean (2)………………… communication. It brings pictures and sounds from around the world into millions of home. TV widens our (3) introducing us to new ideas which may lead us to new hobbies and recreations. In addition to the news. TV provides us with a variety of programs that can satisfy every taste. Most people now like (4)....................their evenings watching TV. It is more convenient for them to sit at home watching TV than to go out for amusement elsewhere.

1.A. invent

2.A. of

3.A. know

4.A. spend

B. inventive

B. in

B. knowledge

B. spent


C. invention

C. to

C. knowing

C. spending


D. inventor

D. with

D. known

D. to spend

*. Writing:(2ms)


* Rewrite the sentences, using the cues given:(1m)

1. People speak English  all over the world.( Passive form)

-  English spoken all over the world.................................      

2. We started working for this company in 2010. (since)

 - We have …… worked/ been working for this company since 2010……
* Using the prompts to make the sentences meaningful:(1m)

1. While/I/ be/ learning/ English/ the lights/ go out             

…… While I was learning English, the lights went out ………….…

2. Some/ high school/ students /take part in/ help/ the handicapped children

… Some high school students take part in helping the handicapped children …..


* Listening(2ms) : Listen and complete each gap with one word:


What would life be like without music? I wonder how (1)music. started. It is an important part of every (2)culture. on Earth. I wonder when we first became interested in music. I also wonder when we first become (3) interested.. in music. Is it when we are a baby? Some people think our interest in music starts (4)before. we are born. Music is an essential part of my day. It changes my feeling and puts me in a good mood. There’s nothing better to do on a (5)train. or bus than put on my headphones. I like all kinds of music, from classical and opera to jazz, rock and world music. I’m always looking (6)for… something new. Sometimes I hear a song or piece of music on the TV or (7)…radio. I have to find out who it is. Do you do that? I’m sure I’ll (8)…keep. collecting CDs or mp3s until I’m a hundred. Perhaps I won’t be able to hear it then!

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